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Introducing Select Home Cleaning Services

SelectCleaning Adelaide

SelectCleaning has been operating in Adelaide for several years. The overall operation has been overseen from our NZ head office with a manger onsite to help with day to day running. The opportunity for a Master Franchisee living in Adelaide with sale & marketing skills is substantial. Other similar sized territories growth suggests that growing from the current 30 franchisees to over 100 is attainable. Talk to us about how this can happen. We will also put you in touch with other Master Franchisees who are more than happy to share their experiences & talk about the Select syste..


Select is a New Zealand owned Australasian service franchise company with operations in both New Zealand and Australia. Established in 2003 Select now has over 400 Franchisees, 13,000 clients and over $35m annual group turnover. We provide home & commercial cleaning, lawn mowing, gardening and waterless mobile vehicle grooming services to our clients.This opportunity in Adelaide is for SelectCleaning (home & commercial cleaning)


The company was founded with the strategic intent of using the Franchise model (owner operators) to deliver a consistently high quality of service to its client base. Experience had shown that the home services market was not being adequately covered with a quality service that was delivered by well trained and supported Franchisees. The same owner operator model is also applied to Master Franchisees who own exclusive areas in which to develop the Select system. Franchisees are able to grow their own businesses thus making them less reliant on help from the Master Franchisee.


The system was developed in 2003 and a pilot operation was established in Auckland by Mark Gilbert, the Franchisor.

Of crucial importance to the establishment and development of the Home Cleaning franchise was the development of the Select Double Business Guarantee. This guarantee is unique and incentivises Franchisees to further grow their business while minimising their costs within the system.

Every so often we enter the NZ Franchise Awards to measure our systems against our competitors. NZ is the most franchise country in the world (per head of population) so measuring ourselves in this market makes sense.

In 2005 SelectCleaning won an award at the NZ Franchise Awards for Best Regional Franchisee, thus reflecting its multi-faceted strengths in franchise systems, as well as in the Master Franchisee arena and within the individual Franchisees businesses.

Over the next 5 years SelectCleaning was built, SelectLawnMowing was started in 2006 and in 2007 a water less vehicle cleaning chemical was developed within the group that led to the establishment of SelectValet. This chemical is proprietary to Select and gives the vehicle grooming business a significant advantage in the market place as it means vehicles can be cleaned with no excess water, the chemicals are totally biodegradable and grooming can be done anywhere.

In 2011 SelectCleaning again won an award at the NZ Franchise Awards for Best Regional Franchisee and in 2012 the Select Group won Home Services Best Franchise System of the Year.

In 2017 SelectValet won Master Franchise of the Year, SelectLawnMowing was runner up and the Select System won International Franchisor of the Year and we again won Home Services Best Franchise System of the Year

Master Franchisees

Master Franchisees own the exclusive rights to a large area (E.G. Adelaide or Brisbane). The Master Franchise developes the Select business in that area through appointing franchisees, traing & supporting those franchisees & getting them an agreed amount of work to start their business. Once franchisees are up and running they pay the Master an ongoing monthly royalty