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Want to contribute to the health and well-being of your community?

Take up your own cleaning franchise in Melbourne to start a profitable business.

A clean home is always a safe place but maintaining it isn’t always a pleasant task. A Select cleaning franchise in Melbourne makes professional cleaning accessible to your clients. We are a well known cleaning franchise provider in Melbourne region. We believe that every cleaning business contributes to the well-being of society and by embracing this opportunity you’ll be making a great difference. It is the right time to start your own Home Cleaning Business in Melbourne and generate a steady, recurring, income.

A Select Cleaning franchise in Melbourne will make it possible for you to run your own cleaning business in a professional way. We completely understand how big of a decision franchise buying is. You do have a family to look after and this investment may be looked on as an additional burden. But trust us! Starting a Select our cleaning franchise is a positive move towards building your future. You will increase your business potential with our training and can grow a bigger client network to work with.

When you buy a cleaning franchise in Melbourne, you will be managing your own cleaning business with multiple cleaning customers. We will provide you with the training to manage your own business and to be able to earn when times are tough. Our franchises for sale in Melbourne are affordable enough to begin your home cleaning business with, so why wait?

Why do you need our franchise?

Professional cleaning is a necessity for homes in this modern era. Gone are times when the entire family used to share the responsibility for cleaning. Due to the lack of time, people find it hard to keep their homes clean, causing stress for everyone. The need for cleaning becomes even more important when people have children. A professional cleaning business will set you up to help all these people and make money from the services you provide.

Simon and Helen

“Having a SelectCleaning business was the tastest way for us to realise our dream of owning a business. We feel we are now on the ladder to success with the safety of the Double Business Guarantee. With the company's support we are earning money easily and have a great lifestyle.”
— Simon & Helen

Select provides home cleaning franchises in Melbourne that are easy to start and quickly allow you to begin your own business. Our franchises cover everything you need to know about starting a cleaning business - including the right equipment, training, business systems, building your business and many other areas. We have a well developed system that offers you everything you need to begin your business.

By teaming up with us, you can quickly start your own cleaning business in Melbourne. Also, based on the guaranteed work we supply you and will be able to grow your business to whatever size you want.

We provide you an affordable franchise option at the lowest possible cost. Also, you will be able to help cash rich but time poor customers who are on the lookout for expert cleaning services such as ours. By starting your own Home cleaning business in Melbourne, you will be taking more control of your future.

What benefits do you get by taking our franchise?

Our cleaning business franchise brings you the ability to generate a consistent income and the ability to decide your own future. You can make it your full-time business or a part-time one. This business will provide you the ability to increase your earning potential and provide a path to a better future. When we say that we offer you a Franchise for sale in Melbourne, we mean that all these benefits will come to you –

  • You get comprehensive training to manage and run your cleaning business
  • You get the appropriate support to help you build your business network
  • You will get guaranteed work to help start your business
  • Your cleaning business offers the opportunity to receive an amazing return on your investment
Azim and Seema

“We have found the SelectCleaning training & support have helped us to get our business started really quickly. Not only have we got the security of our guarantee, but we have also got our own work.”
— Azim & Seema

Get our cleaning franchise now and start towards earning great potential income with your own cleaning business!

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Mark Gilbert

P.S. Ask about our unique double business guarantee (conditions apply) when we make contact.


“Within a month I was up & running with my own customers. The business has continued to grow & I am able to work hours to suit myself”
— Sean